Online Reputation Evaluation

Diagnose your Google Ranking & On-line Reputation on Social Media.

The first step to controlling any situation is determining whether or not you have a problem and, if so, how bad the problem really is. In this guide, we’ll help you diagnose your Google ranking, or, what shows up in the search results for your name and in what order they appear. Based on how your name ranks, we’ll help you determine what corrective action you need to take.

The website you create and market should be a definite and clear brand of the service, product or opportunity you deliver to your customer.  If the people are looking for this specific service, product or opportunity you are currently selling, and they open your website, they should know that they are going to get exactly that.

If you sell one thing and advertise something else, that is not going to favor your ranking either.  Everything you do must contribute to what your company say they do.  Then Google can help your ranking, else you are going to be penalized.

Our Services here will help you in the following:

  1. Fixing your Negative Google Search Results.
  2. Boost Your Google Ranking.
  3. Look at your Online Presence and How you manage it.
  4. Search Engine Optimization.
  5. Social Media Optimization
  6. Social Media Management Integration

Here you get a once-off Evaluation to see how your Brand Performs online and what your current Results are regarding Online Success.

Your once-off fee will be R1250-00

We at ABC4U pride ourselves in the expertise and excellence we provide our customers with.

ABC-Websites creates and designs the most affordable and easiest websites available.

We offer a variety of different Website Services.

You can start out with our Basic Package and see what your needs are, after which we can easily upgrade you to any other package available.  All you need to do is to send us an email and notify us and we will upgrade you to a better package.

A website can help you do many things, but most of all it connects you with your marketplace online.  These days everything and everybody connects online.  They call it The Internet of Things (IOT).

SEO Services will focus more on positioning and marketing activities, which are also available.

Also Check out our Website Services.  Get the following Website Packages:

1 – Basic New Website

2 – Standard New Website

3 – Premium New Website


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Once-off Online Reputation Evaluation.