All you need is a Website, a Good idea and a Product, with a Execution Plan, to make a few thousand bucks a month with your website.

We started out ABC-Websites to make it easy, affordable and efficient to own a website.  Most companies charge you an arm and a leg to just get one started.  And at the end of the day you spend your budget before you actually have something to sell from your website.

We have created a program that can teach you how to make up to R10,000 per month from your website, from 90 to 180 days, just by implementing our strategies.  All you need is an idea, a website and a good thought through strategy.

There is various methods and strategies to make money from your website.  You can sell a product, sell and market an affiliate program or product, you can just sell memberships or even monthly ads.  There is a lot of ideas, but people saturated the internet with so many ideas that you invest in 10 different ideas and you loose focus.  Focus is what makes money.  Don’t lose focus.

What we created is an E-Book that will guide you step by step how to make money online.

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All the best with your online business.


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